Free VPN with Antivirus and Data Protection

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find free VPN services. However, some even offer better services with antivirus protection. There is no doubt that this kind of VPN is the good choice as it will help you to protect you from viruses and malwares.

Some VPN, as we know, provide firewall with their services. Firewall is also a good choice since it is as effective as antivirus to block malwares and viruses. Moreover, there are some VPN that have both antivirus and firewall. This can be more effective especially when the antivirus is utilized at different server.

However, there are still some risks when you have VPN with antivirus. Antivirus may block viruses and malwares threat, but your data is still vulnerable to theft and manipulation as it has no play in protecting your data once it has pass the open internet.

The solution is by using a properly encrypted VPN which protect your data from online data threats. When you have an encrypted VPN running, your data is completely safe from third parties who try to scan and steal your data. Be careful and know types of VPN services so you are free from any risk you want to avoid.

iRobot 510 FasTac the most successful battle tested robots in the world

iRobot 510 FasTac

iRobot 510 FasTac

iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), a pacesetter in delivering robotic expertise-primarily based options, has been awarded its a hundred th United States patent, an vital attainment reflecting the corporate’s ongoing consideration to constructing strategic mental property.

The a hundred th U.S. patent (U.S. 8,108,092) protects robotic ‘retrotraverse’ expertise, which gives the iRobot 510 PackBot® with Consumer Assist Package (UAP) the unique capability to autonomously return to its operator should wi-fi communications fail. Retrotraverse technology, pioneered to maintain troops out of hurt’s way, is relevant to networked and wireless robots in navy, commercial, healthcare and family applications. Extra pending U.S. and worldwide patent applications are anticipated to guard different crucial semi-autonomous capabilities supplied by the UAP .

“iRobot has made vital investments to protect its mental property. We have now been both strategic and aggressive in submitting U.S. and worldwide patent purposes regarding key product features and improvements, and we have now entered into partnerships that permit for the cross-licensing of product portfolios,” said Colin Angle, chairman and chief executive officer of iRobot. “These steps are necessary in maintaining our position as the leading publicly traded pure-play robotics firm and in sustaining a long-time period aggressive advantage.”

Maritime Robots 1KA SEAGLIDER

Maritime Robots 1KA SEAGLIDER

Maritime Robots 1KA SEAGLIDER

iRobot Seaglider, A long-duration, low-logistics Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)

iRobot designs and builds robots that make a difference. Based in 1990, iRobot has two decades of experience on the forefront of the global robotic industry, offering government and industrial robots that enhance situational consciousness, cut back danger and improve mission success. iRobot’s Unmanned Underwater Automobiles (UUVs) – the iRobot 1KA Seaglider and the iRobot 15A Ranger – carry out quite a lot of missions for oceanographers, maritime researchers, the oil and fuel industry and military planners.

Glider Know-how Maritime Robots 1KA SEAGLIDER
iRobot is expanding state-of-the-art glider technology. 1KA Seaglider, a protracted-range, high endurance UUV designed for missions lasting many months and covering thousands of miles, performs bodily, chemical and biological oceanography, persistent surveillance, marine environmental monitoring and a variety of other missions for a fraction of the costs of traditional manned analysis vessels and moored instruments, which run as high as USD 50,000 per day.

Maritime Robots 1KA SEAGLIDER

Maritime Robots 1KA SEAGLIDER

Overcome Your Addiction with Electronic Cigarette

What is an electronic cigarette? Electronic cigarette, or also called e.cigarette, is a device that is invented to help smoke addicts to live a healthier life. It provides the sensation of smoking to smokers without the toxics that real cigarette usually carries. It has the taste of tobacco which satisfies the craving of smokers but do not produce the dangerous substances normal cigarette does. Not only substituting real cigarette, electronic cigarette also can help cigarette addicts to quit smoking gradually.

An electronic cigarette contains an atomizer powered by a battery and a renewable nicotine chamber for smoker to hold as if in a real cigarette. Just like a real cigarette, an electronic cigarette can produce smoke and a glowing ending as in real cigarette when you draw the cigarette. The nicotine chamber is renewable as in cartridges and are available in different nicotine contains to be adjusted as the smoker tries to reduce his or her addiction.

Space Travel

While your children are reading space travel ebooks you just downloaded from the internet, the idea of space travel getting more real everyday. With the advancement of technology we have to day and that of will be discover in the future, space travel for commercial is no longer a science fiction topic. In fact, there is already an airline which has started its ambitious project of space travel as you read this article.

Virgin Galactic offers a trip to outer space for $200,000. The whole flight plan is simple. Passengers will be placed in a small vehicle which is carried by a bigger vehicle made from advanced carbon fiber construction. The bigger vehicle will be launched until 50,000 feet above the earth before releasing the smaller vehicle. The passengers will enjoy the view of earth from above while floating around outside earth’s atmosphere.

The vehicle ship then returns to earth by raising and lowering its tail structure to enter the earth’s atmosphere. The ship then slides into the earth’s atmosphere until 70,000 feet height. The ship then glides to the earth’s surface to land by lowering its wings to conventional position.
With the technology we have today, space tourism is no longer unavailable. Interested to try?