Space Travel

While your children are reading space travel ebooks you just downloaded from the internet, the idea of space travel getting more real everyday. With the advancement of technology we have to day and that of will be discover in the future, space travel for commercial is no longer a science fiction topic. In fact, there is already an airline which has started its ambitious project of space travel as you read this article.

Virgin Galactic offers a trip to outer space for $200,000. The whole flight plan is simple. Passengers will be placed in a small vehicle which is carried by a bigger vehicle made from advanced carbon fiber construction. The bigger vehicle will be launched until 50,000 feet above the earth before releasing the smaller vehicle. The passengers will enjoy the view of earth from above while floating around outside earth’s atmosphere.

The vehicle ship then returns to earth by raising and lowering its tail structure to enter the earth’s atmosphere. The ship then slides into the earth’s atmosphere until 70,000 feet height. The ship then glides to the earth’s surface to land by lowering its wings to conventional position.
With the technology we have today, space tourism is no longer unavailable. Interested to try?

Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys

Electrical thermal imaging survey is an effective way to ensure your building safety regarding electrical malfunction which can cause dangerous accidents. An electrical thermal imaging survey takes thermal images of electrical equipments such as UPS’s, motors, transformers, battery banks, and other heat producing devices. Due to its importance for people’s safety, it is recommended to carry out periodic thermal imaging surveys. Do not forget also that it is important to hire a contractor which is capable and reliable in carry out the survey.

Below here are some benefits of electrical thermal imaging survey.
  1. Accuracy
    A survey using electrical thermal imaging is proven to be accurate and so far is still the best technology in finding electrical faults to ensure safety.
  2. Non-intrusive
    An electrical thermal imaging will not stop or disrupt any activity done in the building scanned. Therefore, it is very advantageous for business.
  3. Reduction of breakdowns
    Finding out faults before an equipment breaks down also means to reduce the cost of fixing the so-called equipment and time loss caused by it.

Robot SandFlea – Leaps Small Buildings in a Single Bound

Robot SandFlea

Robot SandFlea

Boston Dynamics, the robotic-building company that brought you BigDog and PetMan, is displaying off another DARPA-funded robot mission called Sand Flea. Whereas Sand Flea usually simply instruments round close to the bottom like your normal remote control car, when it meets an impediment it rears again and fires a piston towards the ground. This shoots Sand Flea some 30 ft into the air, touchdown safely on the other side. Who wants stairs when you possibly can simply launch over ‘em?

The idea is that this little man will be able to navigate complicated city terrain, sending again video to soldiers whereas it jumps around. This contains while Sand Flea is in midair, which is a bit tricky. However, in response to IEEE Spectrum, a wheeled leaping robotic has been in growth since no less than 2009 by Boston Dynamics, so they most likely have some thought easy methods to sort out the difficulty of sending regular, usable, mid-air video.

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Space Travel – Safety is Virgin Galactic’s North Star

Virgin Galactic's North Star

Virgin Galactic's North Star

Safety is Virgin Galactic’s North Star. It’s on the coronary heart of the design of our new vehicles and will be engrained within the tradition of our space line operation. For nearly 30 years, Scaled Composites, the designers and builders of Virgin Galactic’s space launch system, has been chargeable for a few of the world’s most innovative experimental aircraft and has a security document that is second to none. It has established a culture and an method to design which like Virgin Galactic, is predicated on safety. Scaled’s design philosophy relies on simplicity. The rationale is that a complicated system has an elevated probability of failure, subsequently danger reduction has been a very powerful design component within the new vehicles.

From the mid 1990′s, Virgin checked out many plans for potential space launch vehicles. All have been rejected, totally on the basis that they have been essentially unsafe by design.